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ct angiography cost


Angiography is the medical imaging procedure used to check blood vessels (Arteries & Veins) and organs of the body that directs to the heart. This imaging procedure is used to evaluate the blockage in Arteries and Veins directing to the heart.

CT Angiography Cost

During a CT Angiography, the person to be examined is made to lie on a table that passes through a doughnut-shaped opening in the scanner. A special dye (known as contrast material) is put in a vein in the arm. The person is asked to hold down the breath and the table will move into the scanner.

CT angiography of the heart is the best non-runner way to evaluate the heart arteries. Generally, this test is considered if you have symptoms of coronary artery disease but no foregoing history of the same. It is also the best method to analyze the status of the heart is unclear findings are reported from a stress test. This important test is included in the Sindhu Health Plus full body checkup packages. If you have any problems regarding health checkups or tests, contact us by filling the form below.

Angioplasty is also known as balloon Angioplasty and Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA). Mainly it’s a minimally invasive Endovascular procedure performed to open blocked Arteries or Veins.

The average is very high in western countries of angioplasty cost, India is well known whole world for its advanced medical facilities and promising technology for Angioplasty Surgery. There are so many of the best hospitals for Angioplasty Surgery can be found in India.

Angioplasty cost in India is much less when compared to any other countries. Also this cost of  Angioplasty Surgery in India is actually lower than other developed countries of the world.

Angioplasty is a minimally runner procedure performed to wide the occluded blood vessels or relieve the stenosis or the blockages of the blood vessels for ensuring proper blood flow to the heart.

ct angiography cost
ct angiography cost

Primary Angiography / Emergency Angioplasty

When a patient came with severe breathlessness, chest pain, and chest tightness, the patient is directly taken to the cath lab for Primary Angiography and if found blocked Arteries or Veins, an Emergency Angioplasty required to open the clocked Arteries to prevent heart attack.


A Pacemaker is a small device that is placed in the chest to help control the patient’s heartbeat. It is used on a patient with an irregular heartbeat which is called Arrhythmia. Implanting a Pacemaker requires a surgical procedure.

The electrode on the tip of a lead touches the heart wall and when an irregularity is detected, the lead delivers electrical impulses to the heart. A pacemaker will take over for the sinoatrial node, or the heart’s natural pacemaker once it’s functioning improperly. Pacemakers monitor and regulate the rhythm of the heart and transmit electrical impulses to stimulate the heart if it’s beating too slowly.

ct angiography cost
ct angiography cost

Electrophysiology And Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is also known as Catheter Ablation. It uses Radiofrequency to remove or burn small abnormal tissues of the heart surface which are responsible for heart rhythm problems.